About Sensei Barrett

Sensei Barrett, 5th Dan
Preston Barrett has been training for 40 years in Shotokan karate. The eldest son of a Baptist preacher and healer, he is a unique combination of warrior and spiritual teacher. 

Great teacher, just go there already
"I trained with Sensei Barrett at the SIU recreation center for four years. What he teaches is not a watered down version of Shotokan or some odd blend of styles. It's genuine karate. He manages to be both patient and demanding and will push you on a number of levels. When I left Carbondale I looked for other Shotokan instructors and even went to the school his Sensei taught at in Chicago. It just wasn't the same for me. If I learn Japanese Karate I want to learn it from Preston. I've been training now for 14 years in numerous styles in three different cities. I can honestly say Sensei Barrett is the best teacher Ive ever had and that I'm lucky to have met him."
By John Murray on April 14, 2010

"I started private lessons as a beginner with Sensei Barratt in December 2007. At the age of 54, I feared I was too old to learn karate. He is a skilled and patient teacher. Soon I will be testing for my Yellow Belt. My goal is to become a Black belt by the time I'm 60! Karate is a mental, physical and spiritual discipline. Sensei Barrett addresses all of those in each lesson. I"m looking forward to his upcoming Self-Defense Classes for women."
By Annette Vaillancourt on March 31, 2008

From the Daily Egyptian August 30, 1996

"During his 23 years of martial arts training, Preston Barrett has seen the discipline of the art have an impact on his personal life.

It becomes one with you and fuses everything together, Barrett said. It is like a soup. It becomes a part of you and becomes you.

Barrett, the head instructor of the SIUC Karate Club at the Recreation Center, said the martial arts require strict self-discipline and practice. Barrett said the art form can help students gain self-esteem and respect and help students with studies and other aspects of their lives.

Most people have doubts in their hearts, Barrett said. Through training, they can overcome doubts.

Barrett, an SIUC graduate, said one of the reasons why the discipline has an impact on someone's personal life is the code of conduct followers are expected to keep.

Students must seek perfection of character, be faithful, keep an endeavor to excel, pay respect to others and refrain from violent behavior, he said.

The impact on personal life is seen in each of the martial arts..." Click here to read the full article

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